Introduction and Objectives:

Readers’ Club:

  • Introduction (as per Library Policy 2012)
Reader’s Club is an assemblage of students and teachers with aims to develop reading habit and information literacy skills among students and teachers, which is the primary objective of a school library. It is a device through with a child is exposed to all sorts of cultural and creative activities related to book reading.
It exercises the Mind, improves Concentration, Focus, and to makes more confident.
Improves Creativity, Vocabulary and Reasoning skills
Gives you the glimpse in to the Cultures and Places
It Builds self-esteem – Make the child well informed which translates into higher self esteem.
Improves Discipline – Adding book reading to student’s daily schedule and sticking to it.
It’s one of the greatest Stress-buster.
Reading books in Natural light, away from your monitor, betters eye-sight and make you align with Nature.
When we feel tired and dull, the books of great writers give us peace of mind and make us optimists.
Inspires us to work hard and achieve success in our life.



  1. President
  • Secretary
  1. Class Representatives(VI-XII)

Teachers: 2 (Two) teachers with good reading habit

Librarian: as the Convener

Members: (50-75)/Selected as part of the school’s club activity planning


This committee shall meet as often as possible but at least once in three months. The Reader’s Club President and Secretary shall be given with badges as a promotional measure.

*There may be separate bulletin boards for Reader’s Club.



  • Auxiliary bodies of Reader’s Club


1.     Book review corner

2.     Story corner

3.     Creative Corner

4.     Enactment Corner

5.     Focus Corner

6.     Interview Corner

7.     G.K. Corner

8.     Clipping Corner



  • Book review writing,
  • reading competition,
  • story telling,
  • book jacket/book mark designing,
  • literary quiz,
  • spot poetry writing,
  • slogan writing, poster designing, etc
  • Book exhibitions
  • Awards: Reader of the Month / Best reader awards
  • Meet the Author, My dear Book (Book talks) etc
  • visit to a local library,
  • Assembly programmes: weekly book review in the assembly in English and Hindi,enacting the famous characters from a book, etc.

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