Dear Students, Parents and all the Stakeholders!
At the outset of this message I hope that all of you are safe and healthy along with your family members thereby following the directives and instructions of local administration and medico professionals. It is beyond doubt that all of us had never ever wondered that we will witness several drastic changes in or near our surroundings during the last few weeks and the outbreak of COVID-19 will severely grip our nation and the entire world in a state of trauma and fear.
The sudden closure of the Vidyalaya due to lockdown, the postponement of the Session Ending exams, the delay in the commencement of the new academic session and the wide coverage of the horrifying effects of the pandemic CORONA over the news channels and social media might have created a state of chaos, confusion and a feeling of insecurity or negativity in the minds of our learners and their parents. Your state of bewilderment and the present stressful circumstances have prompted me to write this message for you so that together ‘we can’ and ‘we will’ combat COVID-19 and its terrific aftermath.
Therefore, you are requested to follow the points mentioned below in a cheerful and positive spirit:-
(1) Always remember the popular saying that ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ as we all know that ‘Tough times never last, but tough people do’.
So, don’t panic and never lose hope. Just cheer up, think positive, feel positive and always remain positive. Read positive thoughts, listen the songs which are infusing and nurturing hope and positivity like ‘We shall overcome’, ‘Ye waqt na thehra hai, ye waqt na thehrega’, Phir muskurayega India…etc.
(2) Start your day by doing certain Yogasanas, Pranayamas or mild exercises at your home. Yoga and meditations will certainly help us to cope up with all the stress and anxieties that we are facing today.
(3) Take proper and nutritious meals at regular intervals that will strengthen your immunity.
Parents are also requested to take care of themselves and their wards by providing nutritious meals to all the family members as far as possible.
(4) Sanitize your hands at regular intervals by washing it properly at least for 30 secs with soap and water.
(5) The results of the Classes I-VIII has been declared and the same for Class IX and XI will be declared by 15th April, 2020 as per the guidelines of CBSE and KVS.
Our team of highly qualified and well experienced teachers have started the online classes of all the subjects for all the students of Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Section in order to compensate the academic loss due to lockdown.
Therefore, you are requested to join the online classes by strictly adhering to the time fixed by our teachers. Keep yourself abreast and updated with the latest information and knowledge shared by them through various digital platforms.
Parents are also advised to strictly monitor and supervise the activities of their ward while they are busy in learning through the online classes conducted by our teachers as you have also ample time nowadays to supervise the same.
(6) Keep yourself busy and engaged in some recreational activities such as Drawing, Art & Craft, Music, Dance etc. in your leisure hours.
(7) Spend some time with your parents and other family members by sharing your future plans and about your career.
(8) Watch some serials like ‘Ramayana’ with your family members that are trying to inculcate the moral values in all the human beings which are missing nowadays especially in the youths of the present generation.
Parents are also requested to discuss the leadership and management qualities of Lord Rama with reference to certain context depicted in various episodes of ‘Ramayana’.
(9) Take proper and sound sleep of 6-7 hours at night that will help you to shed off all the anxieties, stress or fear and will promote good health.
(10) Last, but not the least ‘Do not go out of your house’ as it is only the need of the hour and demand of the nation. So being a responsible KVian and citizen of our nation strictly follow this instruction.
Parents are also requested to follow these pieces of advice wholeheartedly and specially keep an eye on your ward to follow the same.

I hope that all the suggestions will be followed in letter and spirit and very soon we will have a face to face interaction with one another with beaming faces after defeating COVID-19.
At last, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your parents for your patience and understanding exhibited during the last few weeks.
I am extremely appreciative of our teachers, staff ,our officers and administrators for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these trying times. A huge debt of gratitude also goes to all the doctors, nurses, hospital employees, Govt. Officials and our state leaders for all they are doing to keep us safe and healthy.
Finally, Stay safe and healthy at your home and take care of yourself and the future of our nation.

Yours sincerely


  1. M S Ahmad says:

    Very nice work.Keep it up.
    Follow the spirit of message.


  2. Librarian, K. V. Danapur Cantt.(First Shift) says:

    Thanks a lot sir. This is the common platform to connect with all teachers and students together, that’s why regular updation is going on by all and your message will guide them in this situation.


  3. Deepak kumar says:



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