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Special thanks to:
Mr. Vijay Kr. Singh, TGT(Eng), KV Danapur Cantt. (FS),
Mr. S. K. Mehta,TGT(Eng), KV Danapur Cantt. (FS)
QUIZES————————————————————GAME CODE—Valid upto

1. Language Proficiency-30/06/2019——————-561881—–11:15am,July 13,2019
2. GK-30/09/2019———————————————–474601——11:15am,July 13,2019
3. Language Proficiency
(Formation of Nouns from Verbs)-02/12/18——-460675——11:15am, July 12,2019
4. Language Proficiency-02/12/2018——————-997556—-11:15am, July 13,2019
5. GK(SPACE)-01/12/2018———————————-246033—-5:15pm, July 13,2019

To play online quiz, click the “PLAY”, a website named quizizz will open, enter there 6 digit game code available here in front of respective quizes. Then enter your complete name, class&section/designation and play.

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