Competitions conducted during National Reading Day- Reading Month Celebration 2018

1.QUIZ Contest on 17th of July 2018

Questions asked in 1st and 2nd round

1. The birthday (12th jan 1863) of Swami Vivekanand (born in kolkata)in India is celebrated as
A. National day of service B.National spiritual day C.National Youth day D.National Meditation day
2. When is the World Environment Day celebrated?
A. 5th June B.15th July C.20th July D.5th September
3. Kuchipudi is the folk dance of state
A. Orisssa B. Andhra Pradesh C. Karnataka D. Tamil nadu
4.Which city is known as the queen of the Arabian sea ?
A. Goa B. Mumbai C. Silvasa D. Cochin
5. When did salt satyagrah start ?
A. 12th January 1930 B.12th march 1930 C. 12th January 1931 D. 12th march 1931
6. दिल्ली के लाल किले पर उसका प्राचीन नाम क्या लिखा हुआ है ?
A. लाल किला B.जश्न ए भारत C.किला ए मुबारक D.मुबारक
7.हीटर का तार किस चीज से बना होता है ?
A. नाइक्रोम B.कॉपर C.तांम्बा D.एल्युमिनियम
8.बीरबल का असली नाम क्या है ?
A. रमेश दास B.उमेश दास C.महेश दास D.राकेश दास
9. Who discovered the process of fermentation ?
A. Alexander Flemming B. Louis Pasteur C. Robert Hook D. Robert Koch
10.Who discovered the process of Antibiotic?
A. Alexander Flemming B. Robert Hook C. Robert Koch D. Louis Pasteur
11.Name the bacteria who fixes nitrozen gas directly from the atmosphere?
A. Azobactor B.Rhizobium C.Cacktor D.Lysome
12.Sphygmomanometer measures?
A. Blood pressure B.Liquid pressure C.Atmospheric pressure D.Hydrolic pressure
13. Leading producing country of tea?
A. Brazil B.China C.India D.Viyatnam
14.Aluminium is obtained from?
A. Bauxite B.Copper C.Petroleum D.Silver
15.Which of the following is called “Black Gold”?
A.Coal B.Copper C.Petroleum D.Bauxite
16.How many members are there in Lok Sabha?
A. 544 B.545 C.552 D.543
17.Rajya Sabha is chaired by
A. Speaker B.Prime Minister C.Chief Minister D.Vice President
18.How many members are there in Rajya Sabha
A. 246 B.245 C.272 D.265
19.’सुख-दुख’ कौन सा समास है ?
A. नञ B.अवययी भाव C.द्वंद्व D.द्विगु
20. ’नीलकमल’ कौन सा समास है ?
A. तत्पुरुष B.कर्मध|रे C. द्वंद्व D. बहुब्रीहि

21.राष्ट्रीय योग संस्थान किस शहर में है ?
A. उदयपुर B.नई दिल्ली C.कानपुर D.कोलकाता
22.फीफा विश्व कप 2018 का फ़ाइनल मैच रूस के राजधानी मॉस्को के किस स्टेडियम मे खेला गया ?
A. पुतिन स्टेडियम B. मॉस्को स्टेडियम C. लुज़निकी स्टेडियम D. स्टोलिन स्टेडियम
23.नासिक किस नदी के तट पर है ?
A. महा नदी B.गोदावरी C.कावेरी D.नर्मदा
24.USA का राष्ट्रीय खेल क्या है?
A. बेसबॉल B.वोलिबॉल C.हैंडबॉल D.बर्कबॉल
25.उबेर कप (महिला ) किस खेल से संबन्धित है?
A. वोलिबॉल B.बैडमिंटन C.फूटबॉल D.पोलो
26. फीफा विश्व कप 2018 का गोल्डेन बुट पुरस्कार किसे दिया गया ?
A. नेमार B.लुका मोदरिच C.ग्रीज़मैन D.हैरी केन
27. फीफा विश्व कप 2018 का गोल्डेन बॉल पुरस्कार किसे दिया गया ?
A. नेमार B.लुका मोदरिच C.ग्रीज़मैन D.हैरी केन
28. फीफा विश्व कप 2018 का गोल्डेन ग्लब्स पुरस्कार किसे दिया गया ?
A. नेमार B.कोर्टिस C. लुका मोदरिच D.पोग्बा
29. फेमिना मिस इंडिया 2018 की विजेता है?
A. मीनाक्षी चौधरी B.श्रेया राव C.अनुकृति वास D.स्मृता मंधाना
30. जून 2018 मे भारत ने किस बैलिस्टिक मिसाईल का सफलता पूर्वक परीक्षण किया ?
A. अग्नि -5 B. अग्नि -4 C. अग्नि -6 D. अग्नि -3
31.who is the author of the book “Playing it my way”?
A. Kapil Deo B.Sunil Gawaskar C.Mahendra Singh Dhoni D.Sachin Tendulkar
32. who is the author of the book “Malgudi Days”?
A. R. K. Narayan B.Maxican Gorgi C. M. R. Anand D.Ravindra Nath Tagore
33. Mobile phone was invented by
A. Stevenson B.Martin Cooper C.MacMillan D.James Watt
34.who invented electron?
A. Alfred Nobel B. James Chedwick C.J. J. Thomson D.Stevenson
35.Oxygen was invented by
A. Pristley B.Cavendish C.Leeuwenhock D.Edward Teller
36. Unit of potential difference is
A. Bar B.Hertz C.Volt D.Angstrom
37.Unit of electric current is
A. Ohm B.Ampere C.Volt D.Angstrom
38.First World War was fought between
A. Allied countries and Germany B. America and Russia C.China and Japan D.Norvey and Australia
39.The second largest planet is
A. Jupiter B.Saturn C.Venus D.Earth
40.Tocoferol is the scientific name of vitamin: A. B12 B. B2 C. K D. E
41.Scientific name of vit. B12 is
A. Riboflavin B.Cyno Cobalamine C.Thimine D.Tocoferol
42. Unit of atmospheric pressure is
A. Joule B.Dyne C.Bar D.Horse power
43.Trachoma desease affects
A. Lungs B.Eyes C.Small intestine D.Pancrease
44.The lowest layer of atmosphere is
A. Ionosphere B.Stratosphere C.Troposphere D.Mesosphere
45.Last Governer General and First Vicroy of India was
A. Waren Hestings B.Lord Canning C. Lord William D.Lord Mountbatten
46.Tregedy of Jaliyanwalabag inAmritsar happened on
A. 14 April 1919 B. 10 April 1919 C. 13 April 1919 D. 12 April 1919
47.KARGIL war was fought in
A. 1998 B.2000 C.1999 D.1997
48.’National Education Day’ is celebrated in India on
A. Sep 7 B.Nov 11 C.Oct 2 D.Nov 14
49.Blue revolution in india was related to
A. Milk production B.Fish production C.Water purification D.Oil seeds
50.Highest commissioned rank in Indian Armed Force- NAVY is
A. General B.Major C. Admiral D.Commander


Questions of  3rd round



2.Book Review Competition

3.Scrap Book making Competition

4.Sketching Competition

5.On spot Story Telling Competition

6.Book Jacket &Book Mark making Competition

7.Poem Writing & Recitation Competition

8.Essay Writing Competition



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